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Updated: Nov 11

In July 2021, Taaibosch Piggery, together with Alliance Genetics South Africa, exported pig genetics from South Africa to Nigeria. Only reputable pig breeders are selected by Alliance Genetics South Africa when sourcing genetics for export. Pigs originate exclusively from official bio-secure compartments and Pork 360 accredited farms.

Alliance Genetics South Africa focuses on exporting quality purebred Large White, Landrace, & Duroc pigs, as well as F1-crossbred pigs for pig breeding mainly in the SADC region and also other international markets.

According to Pig Progress (June 2020), "Nigeria ranks among the top countries in Africa with regard to pig production. In 2019, 298,000 metric tonnes of pork were produced. Over the last 10 years, Nigeria's pig industry has grown by 40%, according to figures by the Pig Farmers Association of Nigeria (PFAN)."

Taaibosch truck


Taaibosch operates a 2 200-sow breeding & nursery unit, a weaning unit, a growing & finishing unit and a genetic nucleus consisting of 280 pure bred sows. Facilities further extend to our Gene Transfer Centre with an Artificial Insemination (AI) Laboratory. We use the latest mobile semen technology, which provides fresh semen to the breeding unit on a scheduled, on-demand basis. From the very beginning, we decided on a closed system for our genetic development. A herd has been established that is unique in performance and genetics through careful selection and the sourcing of top genetics on both the maternal and terminal lines. This deviates from the mainstream approach of affiliation with international genetic suppliers. We remain the guiding authority on our genetics and performance – strictly selected for our environment and market. This ties in neatly with in-house cost management measures.

Our first priority is to create a strong genetic pool of animals available to sustain our commercial production, continuously improving the quality of our herd, as well as the selection criteria we apply. As part of our expansion, high quality breeding animals are made available to the local and international pig farming community. We are in constant communication and discussions with international genetic partners who are supporting independent breeding and the improvement of farm and market-specific genetic traits. Regular shipments of frozen semen to be used on our nucleus sows ensure the continuous genetic improvement of our herd. Taaibosch Genetics is part of the South African Pig Breeders Society and registered at the SA Studbook.

Group of people in front of pigs in loading container next to truck

Each export customer's pig farm or pig enterprise is unique. This is carefully considered when putting together a genetic selection and/or consignment of breeding pigs to meet their needs.

Vet keeping a close eye on pigs in loading container


There are many essential elements to consider when planning and coordinating an export deal:

  • Planning

  • The right pricing

  • Synchronizing the road and air transport logistics

  • Import and export specifications

  • Health reports

  • Health tests

  • Export permits

  • Sourcing of breeding stock, their identification and selection

  • Special attention needs to be given to the animals' comfort, as well as compliance with international welfare regulations so that they arrive safely at their destination.

For more information about Alliance Genetics South Africa's export destinations, visit their Export page.

First load of pig genetics in container on its way to be booked in

Second load of pig genetics in container on its way to be booked in

Personal care is taken of each export consignment.

Monitoring and checking of loading process


Alliance Genetics South Africa focuses on the following pig breeds:

Large White

The Large White pig breed has developed into the most prominent purebred pig breed in South Africa and is also the leading pig breed in the world.


The South African Landrace pig breed (as well as their counterparts on other continents) is also renowned as a foundation mother pig breed.


The Duroc pig breed produces meat of a higher quality than most of the other pig breeds.


The classical F1-crossbred sow is the result of crossing the Large White pig breed and the Landrace pig breed as well as their reciprocal cross.

For more information about the characteristics of and differences between these breeds, visit Alliance Genetics South Africa Pig Breeds.

Pigs in container for loading


Spain exported the highest dollar value worth of pork during 2020. (World's Top Exports)


For more information about Alliance Genetics South Africa & Taaibosch Piggery exports, get in touch:

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