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Taaibosch Piggery believes that by informing and sharing knowledge with new and existing farmers in the pig industry, we can play a big role in the success of many pig farms. Through building a body of knowledge, we are building the strength of our industry and partners. Taaibosch is actively researching and innovating in an effort to offer the best product to the market and to always stay ahead of the ever changing and volatile environment in which we operate. We are happy to share our findings with other producers. We are excited about the progress being made in pig genetics, feeding, building designs, and especially data and technology being used in pork production.  

As pig farmers, we face many challenges, and by sharing knowledge we can face the storms together. Feel free to use, access, and share these resources. Taaibosch – Leading Through Innovation.  

We designed a few informative graphics to be used on your farm, at the farm entrance, or to be handed to visitors: 

Click the buttons below or drop-down menu above to view/download:  

If you are interested in an in depth study of pig production in South Africa, invest the time and money to acquire this book and start reading. 

Modern Pig Production - A comprehensive handbook in pig production - Dr. Danie Visser 

Modern, fresh and thought-provoking. A brand new edition, involving the knowledge and research of 39 authors and co-authors, provides an invaluable contribution to the modern era of pig production. This book is unique in that it covers virtually all the topics of importance to the pig producer. 

The South African Pork Producers' Organisation has a wealth of knowledge and resources to share. If you want to know more or need assistance, make sure to contact them: 

SAPPO Business Development

The role of SAPPO is to enable pig producers in South Africa to be economically viable and to maximise their long-term profitability through transferring industry knowledge, liaison with stakeholders, training/skills development, and mentorship. A number of pig farmers, especially smallholder pig farmers, face numerous challenges hindering them from becoming successful. SAPPO strives to assist aspiring and existing pig farmers to become sustainable, profitable pig farmers.


SAPPO Academy Update

Pork 360 - SAPPO's quality assurance system


To stay informed about what’s happening in the global pork market, visit Pig Progress and get regular updates. 

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