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CP Kriek's Unique Insights on South African Pork Production 2024 with Popular Pig Podcast

CP Kriek was recently interviewed on the Popular Pig Podcast. Listen HERE to his unique insights on South African pork production and how we integrate traditional farming with contemporary sustainable practices at Taaibosch Piggery.

CP Kriek seated at a desk with a laptop and paper notebook. White bookshelves behind him and a whiteboard on the wall


CP Kriek, at the forefront of Taaibosch, embodies a unique blend of expertise and passion. An Industrial Engineer by training, CP, alongside his wife Gerda, has turned their family heritage in farming into an advanced, sustainable pork production enterprise in South Africa. Their journey from engineers to innovative farmers showcases a deep commitment to animal welfare, environmental stewardship, and cutting-edge agricultural practices.

This dynamic duo’s approach leverages their engineering backgrounds to enhance intensive pig farming, focusing on sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig brought to you by SwineTech?

  • The integration of sustainability and technology in South African pig farming.

  • Overcoming challenges and driving innovation in a family-run farm.

  • Unique aspects and challenges of the pork industry in South Africa.

  • The role of cultural and economic factors in shaping pork production.

  • CP Kriek’s “golden nugget.”

*Courtesy of Popular Pig

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