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Graduate Internship Program and Providing Learning Experiences for Students at Taaibosch

We welcome our 5 Students for our Graduate Internship Program for 2024!

5 Graduate internship 2024 students standing against a brick wall, wearing Taaibosch Piggery T-shirts.

From our current group, we have two students who have completed their diplomas, two students who have completed their degrees, and one student who recently graduated from Grade 12.

In their first week at Taaibosch we introduced them to the different departments of the Taaibosch Group. We showed them our company culture and our way of working toward the future. We are looking forward to guiding them through this year. They will gather experience by working on the farm in different departments throughout 2024.

Applications for our graduate program open in September every year. Those interested in applying for 2025 can apply in September 2024.

Providing Learning Experiences for Students at Taaibosch

We aim to support our community by backing students’ projects where we can. Currently, we have Tarren Harrison busy with a project in our Palermo and Pepper Greenhouses titled "Diverse Herb Perimeter at Taaibosch Organics” whilst doing her honours in IPM.

The aim is to repel bugs that act as pests to the crop plants by creating a perimeter of herbs, strategically chosen, to disrupt pests’ natural patterns.

When correctly implemented this approach can create an unfavourable environment for the pests to colonise, establish, and reproduce, as well as repelling incoming pests or attracting pests that are present in the net house.

At Taaibosch we particularly favour sustainable and nature-friendly solutions, making us very excited about this project.

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