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At Taaibosch, we strive to follow evidence-based science in all aspects of our business and that also applies to the health and safety of our employees. We’re proud to announce that we have a 96% COVID-19 vaccination rate. We enabled our employees by providing free transport and paid time off to get vaccinated. We also gave grocery vouchers as a celebratory gesture to everyone that got vaccinated.

Directors at Taaibosch getting their vaccines

We are proud to be part of the solution in South Africa and to limit the effects of this pandemic by keeping our employees protected and healthy. Together we can help the economy grow and make work and family life a connected experience again. We are extremely proud of our employees. A special thank you to the Kokosi Community Hall vaccination site. They have gone above and beyond to give us the best service and experience. Great staff and always a quick turnaround time.

Some Statistics

Currently, Taaibosch has 107 employees.

  • 65% were vaccinated with Pfizer (mostly the 35 years and older group).

  • 35% were vaccinated with J&J.

  • No adverse events were experienced. The most common side effect was a sore arm.

Pfizer and J&J are highly effective in preventing severe disease (hospitalisation or death) and respectively 65-92% and 49-78% effective in preventing mild disease*. By having most employees and ourselves vaccinated we ensure that we drastically reduce the transmission rate of COVID-19 among ourselves as well as among our families. The nature of our work entails close contact and therefore we are very happy to have everyone protected.

South African Stats

As at 15 October 2021:

Total COVID-19 disease cases: 2 916 179 Total COVID-19 deaths: 88 587 COVID-19 vaccinations administered: 20 200 231 Deaths due to COVID-19 vaccinations: None**



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