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We’re pleased to announce a locally produced marketing and product use agreement with Genesus Inc for the African continent, which commenced on the 1st of June 2022.

Directors at Taaibosch getting their vaccines

Genesus is the world’s largest independent producer of high health registered purebred swine in the world, owning over 80% of all registered purebred breeding stock in Canada. Their sole focus is Non-GMO swine genetic improvement built on factors that improve their customer profitability, including sow reproduction, feed intake and growth performance, natural disease challenges resistance, and carcass and meat quality.

Taaibosch is creating a path towards the best quality pork the market has to offer and we chose Genesus to be our genetic supplier. The Genesus Jersey Red Duroc name was introduced into the marketplace earlier this year. This discussion with Spencer Long of Genesus and Jim Eadie of Swineweb explains more about the Jersey Red Duroc and Ultimate Tasting Pork. The Jersey Red produces the most succulent pork and is used by Gordon Ramsey and at Buckingham Palace!

The Genesus Jersey Red Duroc purebred purity has been maintained by certification of the Animal Pedigree Act, a program authorized by the Federal Government in the 1890s. Generations upon generations of Jersey Red Duroc pigs have had their lineage certified. This multi-generational effort has led to the best-tasting pork in the world – The Ultimate Pork Experience.

Genesus Purebred registered Jersey Red Durocs are a key part of the Ultimate Pork program to create the best eating attributes. Ultimate Pork is eligible for the Certified DUROC® program, administered by the National Swine Registry and the USDA. Ultimate Pork is Non-GMO and hormone-free.

The first genetic shipment arrived at Taaibosch on 28th July 2020. We have been receiving genetics by importing regular shipments of Genesus frozen semen and this has proven very successful. Pork consumption is rising in Africa, and therefore opportunities for growth.

We are working towards having the Nucleus and Multiplication herd of Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc operating at 500 females as soon as possible. Currently, there are approximately 300 females. 100% of the GGP matings will be carried out using frozen semen from the Genesus Canadian AI stud to maximise genetic gains, receive genomic benefits, and minimise inbreeding.

Thank you to Paul Anderson of Genesus for his work in getting this partnership signed.

We look forward to working with Genesus to grow our business throughout Africa.

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