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Cloudfarms is the first fully cloud-based solution for managing and analyzing production data for pork producers of any size. Customers in 40 countries on 5 continents use the solution to make their operations more efficient and productive.

Cloudfarms app open on a mobile phone. Pigs in the background.

In 2020, Taaibosch decided to investigate an improved pig production and traceability platform to accommodate our operations and requirements for a cloud-based platform that would facilitate mobile device data capturing and real-time reporting. Cloudfarms emerged to be the best option available with a vision and management team that aligns with that of the Taaibosch Board.

After lengthy discussions, demos, and in-depth training, Cloudfarms was implemented by a small team of professionals from Taaibosch Agri Tech (our division responsible for technology and innovation) in collaboration with the support and development teams of Cloudfarms. Some innovative solutions by the Taaibosch team were developed and implemented by Cloudfarms and further enhanced the product offering to other clients.

In this National Hog Farmer article, CP Kriek explains how the business has been streamlined and frustration with updating daily data records reduced. "Cloudfarms highlights that one of the main benefits of its technology is the ease of data input, data access and how user friendly the software is for staff with varying skillsets. CP said it has reduced the double capturing of data, first in a book and then on the computer, while allowing managers to spend more time in the barn."

Taaibosch is proud and excited to be partnered with Cloudfarms and see a long and successful relationship, which we want to extend to our genetic clients to improve their farms further as part of our complete value-added service offering.

*This reflects our personal views and we were not compensated in any way for our opinion*

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