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We take great pride in the welfare of our animals. By also taking care of our employees and the environment we operate in, we believe that Taaibosch is creating a path towards the best quality pork the market has to offer. At the helm is dynamic husband and wife duo, CP and Gerda Kriek. Together they head up the multi-tiered farming operation near Fochville. Though both come from farming families, their first port of call was the field of engineering – industrial and systems-orientated. This has served them tremendously well in the field of intensive pig farming.

The Kriek’s passions and skillsets are put to great use in all their endeavours and can be witnessed, since 2013 when they acquired the business, in their totally systematic approach to the production of quality pork. [The original production unit was established in 1976 by Gerda’s parents to secure their own supply of good quality pork for the family-owned butcheries they managed.]

CP is an avid communicator and advocate for all things agribusiness. He frequently shares his industry insights on a variety of platforms.

Apart from the general challenges associated with farming, such as being price takers within the value chain and finely managing costs, CP and Gerda had a baptism of fire with two of the greatest challenges the industry has had to deal with, to date. An outbreak of listeriosis in 2018 literally ground the pork industry to a halt, with product recalls nation-wide, and the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, which led to a nationwide lockdown.

But for these engineers, the historical events were simply more kinks that had to be ironed out within their production system. During 2018, CP created a new market through direct sales to the public, and because they were above reproach, continued supplying to wholesalers.

In 2020, one of their greatest passions emerged – protecting the workforce and the farm's productivity in the face of a global enemy. Without hesitation, an action plan with stipulated policies was clearly communicated and implemented as the farm went into its own induced lockdown. (As producers of food, farming operations could continue unabated as they were deemed essential services.)


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